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This comprehensive 6 - part series looks at all aspects of medications currently used to treat infectious disease and the role of the nurse in providing both patient care and patient and family teaching....Read More

 Programs available in this series include:
Anti-Infective Medication Therapy Series
(for a complete description of these programs including a FREE PREVIEW, please contact us)
Individual Program Price (DVD): $247.50 (includes 10% discount)
(price includes scripts and study guides in pdf format)
NEW: Intravenous Therapy Series (2012)

Description:  Over 90% of hospital patients receive intravenous therapy, including medication, nutrition, electrolytes, and blood...Read more...
Individual TitlePrice: $283.50 (discounted price)
Product Code:  MED330





Description: This four-part series provides healthcare professionals with the skills to interpret a 3-lead EKG... Read more...

Individual Title Price: $265  
includes scripts and study guides(discounted price)
Product Code: CLP053
Cultural Awareness in Healthcare Series (2011) Cultural Awareness

Description: This three-program series addresses the important need for cultural awareness in the provision of healthcare in the 21st century... Read more...


Individual Title Price: $265 
includes scripts and study guides (discounted price)
Product Code: CLP030     

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February 27, 2012