Heat Inc., is pleased to announce the release of NurseEducationOnDemand.com, a NEW streaming service targeted to Nursing Schools that offers over 100 current (new releases and recently updated) Nurse Education programs. We have ensured that programs available on this service are relevant to nursing curriculum's worldwide!

Do you want to know what is included in this service?

Over 100 current Nurse Education
Video's with Lesson Plans and/or
Case Studies

Branded site accessible only by your
faculty and students

Accessible on most devices such as

Student participation reports

All content is updated as required
and is part of the yearly subscription cost

No need to worry about installation, hosting and maintenance! We do it all!

We also provided custom package solutions, which include some of the following additional features:

New Forums and Blogs

Ability for instructors to create full
lesson plans, student feedback and
surveys, auto-graded exams and quizzes,
mulitmedia integration into lessons
and quizzes, retrieval of extensive
student progress reports, internal messaging

Links to Social Networking

Certificate of Completion automatically generated

Ability to customize Quizzes

  • Links to external URL resources

  • Chat, Collaborative Workshops

Our current list of course Topics Include:

  • OB Nursing

    • Assessment of the Newborn:
    • The First Ten Minutes
    • Head to Toe Assessment
    • Cardiopulmonary Assessment & Cardiac Anomalies
    • Physical Anomalies and Neurologic Issues
    • Gestational Age and Newborn Reflexes
    • Obstetrical Nursing:
    • Caring for the Antepartum Patient
    • Complications of Pregnancy
    • Electronic Fetal Monitoring
    • Pain Control
    • Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section
    • Labor and Delivery
    • Caring for the Postpartum Patient
    • Newborn Stabilization and Care

    Cardiac Nursing

    • Coronary Artery Disease: A Nursing Perspective:
    • Assessment & Care of Patients with Angina
    • Coronary Angiogram & Non-Surgical Interventions
    • Bypass Surgery: DOS & Postoperative Care
    • Cardiac Rehab & Lifestyle Management
    • EKG Interpretation and Response:
    • Reading an EKG
    • Sinus Dysrhythmias
    • Atrial/Junctional Dysrhythmias & Heart Block
    • Ventricular Dysrhythmias and Patient Care

    Medication Administration

    • Anti-Infective Medication Therapy:
    • Assessment of an Infection
    • Nursing Implications
    • Sulfonamides and Penicillins
    • Cephalosporin, Aminoglycosides, Macrolides and Quinolones
    • Antifungal and Antiviral Agents
    • Antitubercular Agents
    • Cardiac Medications and Nursing:
    • Anatomy Review and Antianginals
    • Antihypertensives and Anticoagulants
    • Heart Failure Meds & Cholesterol-Lowering Agents
    • Antiarrhythmic Agents, 1
    • Antiarrhythmic Agents, 2
    • Medication Errors:
    • The Eight Rights
    • Error Prevention
    • Medication Issues in Mental Health:
    • Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions
    • Understanding Movement Disorders
    • Procedural Sedation:
    • Patient Assessment and Monitoring
    • Preventing and Managing Complications; Sedations in Children
    • Psychotropic Medications:
    • Anti-Psychotic Agents
    • Mood Stabilizing Agents
    • Anti-Depressant Agents
    • Anti-Anxiety Agents
    • The Pain Management Program:
    • Pain Process, Patient Assessment, and the Pain Management Program
    • Pharmacological Treatments
    • Physical and Cognitive Approaches to Pain Management
    • Pain Management Programs for Special Patient Populations

    Clinical Skills

    • Aseptic Nursing Technique at the Bedside:
    • Transmission of Infection
    • Standard Precautions
    • Transmission-Based Precautions
    • The Sterile Field
    • Aseptic Nursing Technique in the OR:
    • Principles of Sterile Technique
    • Surgical Hand Scrub
    • Gowning, Gloving and Surgical Skin Prep
    • Creating and Maintaining a Sterile Field
    • Caring for Individuals with Special Needs:
    • Cognitive Impairments
    • Hearing Impairments
    • Cognitive Impairments
    • Nursing Assessment:
    • The Key to Quality Patient Care
    • The Respiratory System
    • The Cardiovascular System
    • The Digestive System
    • The Musculoskeletal System
    • The Nervous System
    • The Integumentary System
    • Head and Neck, Mouth and Throat
    • Eyes, Ears, Nose
    • The Male Genitourinary System
    • The Female Genitourinary System
    • Head-to-Toe Assessment

    Nursing Education

    • Anatomy and Physiology:
    • The Circulatory System
    • The Digestive System
    • The Nervous System
    • The Respiratory System
    • The Skeletal System
    • The Muscular System
    • The Reproductive System
    • The Urinary System
    • The Integumentary System
    • The Endocrine System
    • Cultural Awareness in Healthcare:
    • Understanding the Need
    • An Action Plan
    • Your Practice
    • Neuroscience:
    • Discovering the Human Brain
    • Human Brain Development
    • Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional:
    • Pharmacology and the Healthcare Process
    • Principles of Pharmacology
    • Pharmacokinetics: What the Body Does to a Drug
    • Pharmacodynamics: What a Drug Does to a Body
    • The Chemically Dependent Nurse:
    • The Nurse's Story
    • Identification and Response
    • Nurse to Nurse: From Addiction to Recovery

    Orthopedic Nursing

    • Pre and Post Op Care of the Orthopedic Patient:
    • Hip Fracture
    • Hip Replacement
    • Knee Replacement

    Legal Issues

    • Nursing Negligence:
    • Guidelines for Care
    • What You Can Do

    Death and Dying

    • Caring for the dying patient:
    • Physical Care
    • Team Approach to Comprehensive Care
    • Bereavement Issues
    January 09, 2014