Adverse Reactions to Psychotropic Medications Series

This 3 part series deals with adverse drug reactions or events the side effects that sometimes arise with the various medications used to treat psychiatric illnesses. The series is divided into four programs. The first program, Assessment and Intervention, details the assessment of mental health disorders, through behaviors and indicators.

The program then presents the various possible medical and therapeutic interventions for psychiatric disorders. It also introduces the role of neurotransmitters in the brain and body. Each subsequent program focuses on a different categorization of adverse drug reactions. The second program looks at generalized side effects, or side effects that occur across multiple classes of psychotropic medications. The third program explores side effects specific to one medication or to one particular class of medication. And the fourth program deals with extrapyramidal side effects, also known as movement disorders. 

Collectively, these programs cover side effects across a wide range of severity, from simply uncomfortable to life-threatening. Each program describes the symptoms of these side effects and equips the healthcare provider with strategies to help them identify and treat these disorders. Throughout the programs, art, animation, and dramatic situations are utilized to enhance the material presented.

See below for list of programs included in this series.
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Product ID: CLP125
Media: DVD
Year: 2015
Duration: 126 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Medication Administration, Mental Health Nursing
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Other Programs in this Series

Adverse Reactions to Psychotropic Medications: Generalized Side Effects

OVERVIEW: This program begins with an introduction to Adverse Drug Reactions, looking at the generalized side effects for psychotropic medications used in the treatment of mental disorders. Many [...]

Released in 2015

Adverse Reactions to Psychotropic Medications: Medication Specific Reactions

OVERVIEW: This program looks at the side effects for specific psychotropic medications used in the treatment of mental disorders, including both first generation agents as well as second generation. [...]

Released in 2015

Adverse Reactions to Psychotropic Medications: Movement Disorders

OVERVIEW: This program looks at a specific subset of adverse drug reactions for psychotropic medications which are classified as movement disorders. The main types of movement disorders are described, [...]

Released in 2015


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