Basic Cardiac Monitoring Series
Basic Cardiac Monitoring Series.

1991, Updated 2009

Programs included in this series:

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Product ID: MED923AB
Media: DVD
Year: 2009
Duration: 86.54 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Cardiology
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Other Programs in this Series

Basic Cardiac Monitoring: Dysrhythmias of the AV Node and Ventricles

1991, Updated 2011 Presents four dysrhythmias originating in the AV node, and four originating in the ventricles. For each dysrhythmia, the program illustrates characteristic waveforms, and presents [...]

Released in 2011

Basic Cardiac Monitoring: Dysrhythmias of the SA Node and Atria

1991, Updated 2009 Discusses cardiac dysrhythmias of the sinoatrial node and the atria. Presents the importance of dysrhythmias, and the nursing responsibilities, including evaluation of the patient [...]

Released in 2009

Basic Cardiac Monitoring: Setting up Cardiac Monitors

1993, Updated 2011 Demonstrates the operation of the bedside cardiac monitor, the central station monitor and telemetry. Explains programming the central station monitor, and shows preparation of [...]

Released in 2011

Basic Cardiac Monitoring: Understanding Fundamentals

1993, Updated 2011 Introduces cardiac monitoring and the ECG, relating the cardiac cycle to the specific features of the ECG waveforms. Shows the 12-lead ECG; explains the Lead I and Modified Lead [...]

Released in 2011


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