Basic Clinical Skills: Urethral Catheterization

This update of the classic basic skills program demonstrates and describes the process for performing a urethral catheterization. Both intermittent straight catheters and indwelling retention catheters and shown and discussed. The need for patient education and patient support during catheterization is emphasized. The techniques for performing catheter care and removal of a catheter are also shown and discussed.

Viewing this program will help the learner:
  • Identify straight catheters and retention catheters
  • Describe the appropriate use of straight catheters and retention catheters
  • Perform a urinary catheter insertion
  • List infection control measures to take when inserting a urinary catheter
  • Describe urinary catheter care
  • Obtaining a urine specimen from a urinary catheter
  • Remove a urinary catheter
  • Describe information that should be documented when inserting and removing a urinary catheter
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Product ID: MED632
Year: 2010
Duration: 26:46 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Basic Clinical Skills
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