Bedmaking: The Well-Made Bed


Little actions that increase comfort make a meaningful difference to the patients you care for. A clean, well-made bed not only feels good, but is an important component to an individual's overall health. A well-made bed helps to avoid problems such as bedsores and the spread of infection and provides a sense of well being and self-worth. This program demonstrates the procedures for making both an occupied and unoccupied bed using flat sheets with hospital corners.


After watching this program viewers should be able to:
  • Identify materials needed for making a bed.
  • Describe infection control precautions necessary when making a bed.
  • Demonstrate the process for safely making the occupied bed.
  • Demonstrate the process for making the unoccupied bed.
Price: $315.00 USD

Product ID: MED325
Media: DVD
Year: 2014
Duration: 14:20 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Basic Clinical Skills
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