Communication Skills in Clinical Practice SERIES: Part 2 - Dealing with Feelings

The second in a series of five videotapes adapted from the 4 CD-ROM set "A Practical Guide to Communication Skills in Clinical Practice. The series includes over twenty videotaped scenarios with stimulated patients illustrating various clinical situations, communication problems and approaches to dealing with them. In this tape you will learn the techniques and see illustrations of: The importance of acknowledging the patients emotion BEFORE going on to address the issue that started the emotion. The central technique in addressing emotions the Empathic Response. How to cope with patients who are extremely angry. How to deal with severe depression. Communications The Basics Hidden Agendas and Special Situations How to Break Bad News Genetic Testing, Paediatrics & End-of-Life.


Price: $89.00 USD

Product ID: WIR002
Media: DVD
Year: 1999
Duration: 56:00 minutes
Tags: Communications
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