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The Importance of Communication as a Nurse
Communication is the transfer of information between people!  The practice of nursing entails constant communication between the nurse and the patient, the patients family, their co-workers, and people of many different cultural backgrounds.  These Nurse Training DVDs will help future Nurse's develop effective communication skills!
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This 3 program series addresses the important need for cultural awareness in the provision of healthcare in the 21st century, showing how cultural diversity impacts mutual understanding on many levels in a variety of aspects of daily life.  Both verbal and non verbal communication differences are addressed.  Information is providing regarding the guidelines in the LEARN model and... read more

Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity in Healthcare


Programs included in this series:
  1.  Understanding the Need
  2.  An Action Plan
  3.  Your Practice
Price/Title: $275        Year: 2011         
Preview Available: Yes
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Enhancing Communication & Counselling Skills in Todays Nursing Practice  
Caregiver, Educator, Counsellor.  These are just some of the many roles today's nurses assume within their day-to-day practice.  The video programs in this DVD were created specifically to educate nursing students and nurses in the role of counsellor by highlighting and focusing on the following communication/counselling skills... read more


Program Cost: $299
Caring for Patients with Special Needs Series

Caring for patients with special needs 

Increasingly, nurses in acute care hospitals are caring for patients who are admitted for a variety of conditions who present unique care challenges due to cognitive or sensory impairments.  The goal of this 2 part program is to provide nurses with the information they need to care for these patients safely, appropriately, and with dignity. 
By 2030, over half of all Americans will be 65 years of age or older...read more


Series Cost: $783.75
Cost/program: $275
How to do a 15 Minute of Less Interview

How to do a 15 minute interview 

This video defines and demonstrates the techniques for performing a 15 minute family interview.  It also shows how to apply these skills in family nursing clinical practice, offers sample questions for the nurses to explore family concerns and solutions... read more


Program Cost: $250
For more information on these programs or any of the programs on our website, please contact  Leyla Bulcan at   lbulcan@heatinc.ca or by phone at 416-538-9898
June 04, 2012