Competence with Compassion: Ethical Decision Making in the Changing Culture of Long Term Care

This new Train-The-Trainer package looks at the ethical issues that come into play while providing care in the LTC setting. It uses two 3-to 5-minute video excerpts (one involving a minor struggle between a staff member and an elderly woman, and the other involving a well-intentioned Independent Living resident whose forceful actions toward his wife, a resident in a nursing home, are perceived as abusive) to document many of the concerns and ethical responsibilities that are integral to providing quality care. The extensive training package includes a four-module curriculum, two video excerpts, a PowerPoint presentation, reproducible handouts, and supplemental reading on responsibility and commitment to ethics in LTC caregiving. This field-tested package will provide a realistic approach to understanding and making decisions about care issues that pose ethical dilemmas.
Price: $239.00 USD

Product ID: TER001
Media: DVD
Year: 2007
Duration: 8:00 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Long Term Care, Safety, Nursing Home,
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