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Nurses should be familiar with nursing law  and ethics and understand how nursing legal  issues can affect them.  
These programs will provide nurses with an  understanding of nursing laws and ethical  issues!
 Streaming licenses are available for most programs!

The Best Defence
Legal Aspects of Nursing 
Practice Series

This 2 part series is designed to help nurses reduce their legal liability when providing and documenting care.  It emphasizes the importance of providing care that meets accepted standards of nursing practice and carefully documenting that care to reduce legal liability... READ MORE


 Programs included in this series:

  1. Avoiding Charges of Negligence
  2. The Best Defence
Price/title: $275
Year:  2011
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Best Seller!
 nursing negligence
This 4 part series uses scenarios and case studies to present an in-depth look at how deviations in standards of nursing care for hospitalized patients can lead to tragic results for not only patients and their families but also to healthcare professionals.
Throughout the scenarios, red flags indicate the nurse's breach of duty... read more


Cost/title- $345
Save 5% by purchasing the entire series
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Confidentiality SERIES
Confidentiality series
Confidentiality is the foundation for trust in the patient caregiver relationship.  Efforts to maintain and protect confidential information once focused solely on paper medical records.  But as communication technology has made it possible to easily store and transmit enormous amounts of medical information through computerized databases, fax machines and the internet... read more
Cost/title - $199
Save 5% by purchasing the entire series
Best Seller!
Medical Malpractice is costly!
Each year, over 225,000 Americans die as a result of errors or negligence while another 1.5 individuals are injured or harmed.  The financial burden is also staggering, with an estimated $55 billion price tag, which accounts for 2.4 percent of the annual cost of healthcare.
This 2 part series begins with discussion of negligence and each of its 4 elements...read more
Cost/title: $275
Free Previews available
Save 5% by purchasing the entire series
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May 10, 2012