A complete list of all new and updated Programs from HEAT Inc.  Please click on the programs that are of interest for a full description of the series and the programs that are included in the series!

CLP001 Anatomy & Physiology Series

CLP002 The Circulatory System

CLP003 The Digestive System

CLP004 The Nervous System

CLP005 The Respiratory System

CLP006 The Skeletal System

CLP007 The Muscular System

CLP008 The Reproductive System

CLP009 The Urinary System

CLP010 The Integumentary System

CLP011 The Endocrine System

CLP100 Obstetrical Nursing Series

CLP101 Caring for the Antepartum Patient

CLP102 Electronic Fetal Monitoring

CLP103 Labor and Delivery

CLP104 Pain Control

CLP105 Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section

CLP106 Newborn Stabilization and Care

CLP107 Caring for the Postpartum Patient

CLP064The Chemically Dependent Nurse © 1995, 2011

CLP065 The Nurse's Story (22 min.)

CLP066 Identification and Response (29 min.)

CLP067 Nurse to Nurse: From Addiction to Recovery (20 min.)


CLP086Medication Issues in Mental Health © 1995, 2011

CLP087 Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions (24 min.)

CLP088 Understanding Movement Disorders (26 min.)

CP046 Cardiac Medications and Nursing© 2011

CLP047 Anatomy Review and Antianginals

CLP048 Antihypertensives and Anticoagulants

CLP049 Heart Failure Meds & Cholesterol-Lowering Agents

CLP050 Antiarrhythmic Agents - Part 1

CLP051 Antiarrhythmic Agents - Part 2

CLP034 Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional© 2012

CLP035 Pharmacology and the Healthcare Process

CLP036 Principles of Pharmacology

CLP037 Pharmcokinetics: What the Body Does to a Drug

CLP038 Pharmacodynamics: What a Drug does to a Body

CLP040 Coronary Artery Disease, A Nursing Perspective © 1998, 2011

CLP041 Assessment & Care of Patients with Angina 

CLP042 Coronary Angiogram & Non-Surgical Interventions

CLP043 Bypass Surgery: DOS & Postoperative Care

CLP044 Cardiac Rehab & Lifestyle Management 


CLP059 Caring for the Dying Patient © 1997, 2011

CLP060Physical Care

CLP061Team Approach to Comprehensive Care

CLP062Bereavement Issues


CLP069 Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice © 2002, 2011

CLP070Avoiding Charges of Negligence

CLP071 Documentation: The Best Defense


CLP025 Caring for Patients with Special Needs © 2003, 2011

CLP026 Cognitive Impairments

CLP027 Visual Impairments

CLP028 Hearing Impairments


CLP073 Medication Administration and Errors © 2004, 2011

CLP074 The Six Rights

CLP075 Error Prevention


CLP077 Preventing Nursing Negligence © 2007, 2011

CLP078 Preventing Nursing Negligence in the 21st Century

CLP079Preventing Nursing Negligence in Your Practice


CLP081Cultural Awareness in Healthcare © 2007, 2011

CLP082Understanding the Need

CLP083 An Action Plan

CLP084Your Practice


CLP053 EKG Interpretation and Response © 2009, 2011

CLP054Reading an EKG 

CLP055 Sinus Dysrhythmias

CLP056 Atrial and Junctional Dysrhythmias and Heart Block

CLP057Ventricular Dysrhythmias and Patient Care

CLP030Procedural Sedation © 2011

CLP021Patient Assessment and Monitoring

CLP022Preventing & Managing Complications; Sedation in Children


CLP110 Anti-Infective Medication Therapy © 2010, 2011

CLP111Assessment of an Infection

CLP112Nursing Implications

CLP113Sulfonamides and Penicillins

CLP114 Cephalosporin, Aminoglycosides, Macrolides and Quinolones

CLP115 Antifungal and Antiviral Agents

CLP116 Antitubercular Agents


CLP012 Aseptic Nursing Technique at the Bedside © 2011

CLP013Transmission of Infection

CLP014Standard Precautions

CLP015Transmission-Based Precautions

CLP016The Sterile Field


CLP095 Aseptic Nursing Technique in the OR © 2011

CLP096Principles of Sterile Technique

CLP097Surgical Hand Scrub

CLP098Gowning, Gloving and Surgical Skin Prep

CLP099Creating and Maintaining a Sterile Field

December 20, 2011