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Infection Control in Nursing
Nurses are present in all health care settings and can play a key role in modelling and promoting evidence-based infection control practices which will ensure the continuation of quality care for patients.
These Program will provide a good understanding of the role. 
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This 4 part series provides a comprehensive overview of aseptic technique on the patient care unit.  It includes a clear explanation of the chain of infection and how asepsis breaks links in this chain.  Specific topics covered include hand hygiene techniques; methods for prevention of cross contamination; assessment of a patients risk for infection...read more

Aseptic Nursing at the Bedside
Aseptic Nursing at the Bedside Series


Programs included in this series:
  1. Transmission of Infection
  2. Standard Precautions
  3. Transmission Based Precautions
  4. The Sterile Field
Price/Title: $275        Year: 2011         
Preview Available: Yes
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Back to Basics: Infection Prevention Series

Quick effective infection prevention and control training that meets OHSA and CDC requirements.  This 4 part series will each the skills necessary to break the chain of infection.  This series has been designed for the Home Care Nurse..read more


Series Cost- $551
Cost/program - $145
Hepatitis C
Hepititis C
The Hepatitis C Virus is the most common blood borne infection in the U.S.  Learn how it is contracted and diagnosed, as well as the implications of having this disease.  
This program will enhance you knowledge of this pervasive threat to public health and provide you with valuable information to educate students and patient...read more
 Cost - $335
Standards of Infection Control SeriesInfection Control

Reducing the transmission of infectious diseases is a major concern for healthcare professionals. With the advent of HIV the prevalence of hepatitis B and C, and the resurgence of TB, infection prevention and control is one of the most important responsibilities of a healthcare worker.  

By studying these programs, you will learn effective procedures... read more
Series Cost- $567
Cost/Program - $199
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May 24, 2012