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 Pharmacology in Nursing
The role of Nurses in Pharmacology has become increasingly important as nurses' roles in administering, prescribing and educating patients about their medications has grown. These Pharmacology Educational DVDs will help to provide Nurses with a better understanding of this!
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This series provides a comprehensive look at the current understanding and practice standards related to pharmacology. It addresses the roles and responsibilities of the healthcare team in the management of medications through the lifespan, the need for effective patient and family teaching regarding pharmaceuticals and supplements, and the impact of the proliferation of information available to the general public. The content is supported by realistic patient care scenarios , graphics and animation..Read more

Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional
Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional Series


Programs included in this series:
  1. Pharmacology and the Healthcare Process
  2. Principles of Pharmacology
  3. Pharmacokinetics: What the Body Does to a Drug
  4. Pharmacodynamics: What a Drug Does to the Body 
Price/Title: $275        Year: 2011         
Preview Available: Yes
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Administering Medication Series

FDA studies show that medication errors injure about 1.3 million people in the U.S each year and cause the death of 7,000.  Safe medication administration is essential to nursing practice, and nurses need to have knowledge and skills in the techniques of administering all pharmaceutical agents because the nurse is the last line of defense to protect against medication error. This 3 part skills series... read more


Series Cost- $945
Cost/program - $315
Anti-Infective Medication Therapy Series
This comprehensive 6 PART series looks at all the classes of medications currently used to treat infectious diseases and the role of the nurse in providing both patient care and patient and family teaching. 
Begins with an overview of the assessment process, including signs and symptoms of disease and laboratory tests now available...read more
 Series Cost - $1567
Cost/Program - $275
Medication Administration and Errors SeriesMedication

This 2 PART Series focuses on the foundation of medication delivery to patients in all settings: The 6 Rights of Medication Administration.  In the first program, each of these rights is explained in detail and demonstrated using vignettes.  The second program is a series of case studies.  Here the learner is encouraged to use critical thinking skills to apply the information he or she has seen in the first video by recognizing the medication errors made as...read more
Series Cost- $522.50
Cost/Program - $275
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