Pathophysiology: Immune System Series

An understanding of basic pathophysiology the study of the processes and mechanisms of disease in the body and the accompanying functional changes that result is a foundational skill for healthcare professionals in any setting. But there is one body system that affects all the others: the immune system. 

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Product ID: MED1003
Media: DVD
Year: 2016
Language: English
Tags: Anatomy/Physiology
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Pathophysiology: Part 1 - The Immune System

OVERVIEW: This program, part one of two parts on the immune system, will provide an overview of the components of the immune system and their roles. OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, [...]

Released in 2016

Pathophysiology: Part 2 - Immune System Responses

OVERVIEW: The first program in this two-part series describes the components of the immune system, and should be reviewed before viewing this program. This program describes how these components [...]

Released in 2016


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