Pathophysiology: Neurological System - Seizures and Brain Tumors

The brain and nerves are often thought of as a smooth-running highway of electrical activity inside the body.  But uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain a seizure can result in tremendous disruption throughout the body, that in turn, can lead to an altered level of consciousness or other neurologic, motor, or behavioral manifestations. In some cases, the cause of the seizure is even more threatening a brain tumor. This program describes the characteristics, risk factors, and symptoms of different types of seizures and brain tumors. 

  • List three neurological and five additional risk factors for seizures
  • Differentiate between generalized seizures and partial (focal) seizures
  • List six complications that can arise from seizures
  • Explain the four general categories of brain tumors
  • Describe the grading scale for malignant brain tumors
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Media: DVD
Year: 2017
Duration: 15:04 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Anatomy/Physiology, Cancer, Neurological Care
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