Pediatric Pain Management SERIES: Treating Pediatric Pain
This program provides an overview of the treatment techniques of pediatric pain.
  • Identify different types of non-pharmacological pain treatments
  • Describe non-pharmacological pain treatments appropriate for pediatric patients of different ages
  • Define cognitive, behavioral, and physical interventions for pain
  • Identify and utilize different types of pharmacological pain treatments.
  • Describe pharmacological pain treatments appropriate for pediatric patients of different ages
  • Explain the three-step analgesic ladder for the management of cancer pain, which can be applied to any acute or chronic painful situation
  • Describe techniques to manage different types of pain
Price: $315.00 USD

Product ID: MED213
Media: DVD
Year: 2011
Duration: 12:00 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Pain Management, Pediatric Care
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