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These DVD programs will help nurses and nursing students understand the introductory concepts, such as overall health assessment, interviewing skills and understanding health history as well as the importance of documenting.
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Best SellerAssessment of the Newborn Series

This series provides a comprehensive introduction to care of the newborn.  It includes 5 individual programs, each approximately 20 minutes in length.  Viewing this series will provide individuals with an understanding of the issues related to the special needs of the newborn and impart knowledge of a wide variety of congenital issues and anomalies...READ MORE

Assessment of a Newborn Series
Assessment of a 
Newborn Series


Programs included in this series:
  1. The First 10 Minutes
  2. The Head to Toe Assessment
  3. Cardiopulmonary Assessment and Cardiac Anomalies
  4. Physical Anomalies and Neurologic Issues
  5. Gestational Age & Newborn Reflexes
Price/Title: $275        Year: 2011         Preview Available: Yes
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Nursing Assessment Series

This 4 part series begins with a detailed discussion of patient assessment and the importance of good assessment and documentation skills in providing quality patient care. 

This is followed by programs outlining the assessment of each of the body systems...read more


Series Cost- $1197
Cost/program - $315
Assessment of the Adult Series
Nurse Assessment
The programs in this 3 part series define nursing assessment and show how it relates to nursing practice and daily care routines.  It prepares the viewer to perform a complete initial assessment on a stable patient as well as to recognize changes in physical status requiring immediate attentions... read more
 Series Cost - $1035
Cost/Program - $345
A Comprehensive Geriatric AssessmentTrends in pain management

This program provides a comprehensive overview of how to perform a thorough assessment of the geriatric patient.  It includes step-by-step guidance on taking a health history, performing a functional assessment, conducting complete physical exam, assessing mental status and taken an inventory of medications...read more
Cost - $345
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May 17, 2012