Pre and Post Op Care of the Orthopedic Patient: Knee Replacement

This video utilizes a clinical pathways approach to care, beginning with pre-operative management issues and continuing through discharge. Prosthetic designs and surgical approaches are discussed. Postoperative care information includes a description of wound care, post-op recovery goals, and physical therapy. Reviews the role of the transition to home healthcare as well as the specific nursing care issues in multiple settings.


1. Name the basic types of implant fixation.
2. Differentiate between the post-op activity level and care based on the type of implant.
3. Contrast between anterior, lateral, and posterior surgical approaches.
4. Describe a systems approach to postoperative assessment
5. Discuss the use of the Five Ws when assessing a patient who has a fever.
6. List the standard discharge goals.
7. Discuss the role of home health care in post-surgical management and appropriate home modification actions.
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Product ID: CLP130
Media: DVD
Year: 2011
Duration: 24:00 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Orthopedic Nursing
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