Pressure Ulcers: Prevention, Care and Management
To educate healthcare professionals on the latest evidence-based strategies for assessing, preventing and treating pressure ulcers

Filmed in healthcare settings and featuring an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, this award winning program is based on CMS Recommendations and leading evidence-based guidelines, and helps ensure compliance with accreditation agencies such as The Joint Commission.

  • The three key elements in a pressure ulcer prevention plan: Assessment of risk, Protection against risk factors, and Education of staff and patients
  • Identifying, describing and classifying pressure ulcers according to the NPUAP staging system
  • Risk factors associated with the acquisition of pressure ulcers
  • Strategies to prevent and manage pressure ulcers
  • Wound care, including cleansing, dressing change, pressure redistribution and pain management

Price: $325.00 USD

Product ID: ENV010
Media: DVD
Year: 2008
Duration: 18:00 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Pain Management, Prevention, Assessment of risk, Pressure ulcers, Wound Management,
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