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Pressure Ulcers
Skin inspection, ulcer identification, and prevention strategies with interaction between nurse and patient using Braden Scale for predicting pressure ulcer risk.

Level 1 Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify pressure ulcer risk factors utilizing a pressure ulcer risk assessment tool (Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk)
  • Identify early signs of pressure ulcer development:
  • Differentiate between the following types of pressure related skin damage
    1. Erythema
    2. Dark discoloration
    3. Serious Clear Blister
    4. Blood Blister
    5. Pressure related Open Wound
    6. Rash, and others
  • Document findings from skin inspection in the patient
  • Document findings from pressure ulcer risk assessment in the EHR 
Level 2 Learning Objectives:
  • Demonstrate interventions to minimize or eliminate the effects of Impaired Sensory Perception, Mobility, Activity, Moisture, Medical Devices and more
  • Provide patient and family education related to following pressure ulcer prevention topics:
    1. Risk Factors
    2. Skin Inspection Findings
    3. Interventions
    4. Rational for Recommended 
    5. Interventions to Reduce or Eliminate Pressure Ulcer Risk Factors
  • Prepare patient for proper pressure ulcer prevention prior to hand off 
This module is designed for the nursing school curriculum and for workforce on-boarding to assess and validate skills and in a virtual patient environment.  Modules have been evaluated by nursing staff in hospitals and long-term facilities for content relevance, usability, learner-engagement, and effectiveness.

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