Preventing Medication Errors SERIES
Series Overview:

One of the most common types of medical errors are errors involving medication. Fortunately, prevention measures have been shown to be greatly effective in reducing medication errors. 

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Product ID: MED634
Media: DVD
Year: 2016
Language: English
Tags: Medication Administration, Basic Clinical Skills
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Other Programs in this Series

Preventing Medication Errors Part 1: General Recommendations for System-Wide Change

Program Overview: This is the first in a 3-part series that focuses on medication errors and strategies that can be implemented to prevent their occurrence.  In this program, general recommendations [...]

Released in 2016

Preventing Medication Errors Part 2: Sources of Errors and Basic Safety Practices

Program Overview: Medication errors are the most common form of medical mistake. This second program in a 3-part series will define the different events that may result from drug-related errors and [...]

Released in 2016

Preventing Medication Errors Part 3: What Nurses Can Do

Program Overview: This final program in a three-part series on preventing medication errors describes best practice recommendations from the Joint Commission that nurses can put in place in their own [...]

Released in 2016


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