Preventing Needlestick Injuries for Medical Assistants


Because needlestick injuries are the most common way for healthcare workers to acquire bloodborne infections such as HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B knowing how to protect against needlestick injuries is crucial for medical assistants working with needles and other sharps in the healthcare environment.

This course is designed to raise awareness about the importance of preventing needlestick injuries. It provides an overview of government regulations, a detailed look at safety devices and techniques and guidance for preventing a needlestick injury.


After completing this course, the learner should be able to:
  • Identify viruses and other infections that can be spread through needlestick injuries
  • Describe efforts that have been made to prevent needlestick injuries and increase safety for medical assistants and other healthcare workers
  • Identify the criteria that safer needle devices should meet
  • Identify the various types of safer needle devices and how they are used
  • Describe the measures that must be taken to prevent needlestick injuries
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