Respecting Confidentiality

2003, Updated 2005

You know that residents have a legal right to confidentiality concerning their medical, financial and personal matters. Yet maintaining confidentiality in your facility, day in and day out, can sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Does every member of your staff know where to draw the line between idle conversation and a breach of confidence?

Finally, there is a video-based training program that sorts through the issue and gives clear, straightforward guidance to your personnel. Every staff member who comes into contact with residents can use this program to:

  • Identify the many ways in which a resident's confidentiality can be compromised
  • Learn how to apply six steps that safeguard confidentiality
  • Discover how to handle questions from well-meaning family, residents and non-involved staff without divulging confidential information
  • mprove their own sensitivity to residents' quality of life

Because"Respecting Confidentiality"is written and produced specifically for staff members in long term care facilities, your personnel will immediately relate to the challenges and solutions presented in this twenty-minute video program. The detailed facilitator's guide will help you prepare and present a highly practical and participative learning session.

ElderCare customers across the nation have asked for help in handling this difficult subject..."Respecting Confidentiality"is the result!

Price: $159.95 USD

Product ID: ELD014
Year: 2005
Duration: 22 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Communications, Legal Aspects of Nursing
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