Simulation in Nursing (DVD), 1st Edition
This compelling series was filmed at Arizona State University (ASU), College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation. The first part was taped during an orientation for faculty with little to no experience in simulation. 

Topics in this presentation include an introduction to simulation and the equipment in the lab, a review of student learning styles, the concept of a "safe place," faculty and student roles, and the process of guided reflection. The second part was recorded during a meeting of existing staff when they developed case studies for one of the manikin patients.  

Then, based on the storyboards created, the four scenarios were performed and filmed in real time with students in the lab while faculty watched them from the observation room. ASU has an extremely successful simulation program; therefore, the information in each of the programs is valuable to faculty who are creating new labs or for those who are having difficulty running existing programs. 
Price: $1,995.95 USD

Product ID: DEL014
Media: DVD
Year: 2010
Language: English
Tags: Nursing Process,
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