The Nursing Assistant SERIES: Moving and Turning Skills


Those primarily confined to a bedwho can no longer change position and move easilyare not only less comfortable, but can have decreased blood circulation and are at risk for the development of pressure ulcers. To reduce these risks and improve resident health, the nursing assistant must master the skills needed for moving and positioning the resident in bed using techniques that protect both the resident and the nursing assistant.

MedcomsNursing Assistantprogram on moving and turning skills has been completely revised and updated, yet continues to provide clear descriptions and demonstrations of common and important techniques for safely moving and positioning a resident in bed.


This program will demonstrate:
  • Moving up in bed using a lift sheet
  • Moving to the side of a bed using a lift sheet
  • Performing a log roll with a lift sheet
  • Assisting a move up in bed
  • Moving to the side of a bed without a lift sheet
  • Turning away from you
  • Turning towards you
Price: $149.00 USD

Product ID: MED706
Media: DVD
Year: 2013
Duration: 10:00 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Nursing Assistant Skills
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