Understanding Restorative Care Series


The purpose of this series is to serve as a Restorative Care training and educational resource. The focus is on the role of RNAs; however, the information in this program can also serve as a training resource for other staff as well. The educational approach used in this series is peer-to-peer instruction. This means you will hear from healthcare professionals who have been involved with successful Restorative Care Programs. Their experience can provide insight and examples of how a program works and its benefits. We will also show real-life examples of how the care that an RNA provides can be life-changing for a resident.
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Media: DVD
Year: 2014
Language: English
Tags: Basic Clinical Skills, Nursing Assistant Skills
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Understanding Restorative Care Part 1: Introduction to Restorative Care

OVERVIEW:The goal of restorative care nursing is to promote greater functioning and independence for the resident, which in turn can restore their hope, dignity, and well-being. To achieve this, it is [...]

Released in 2012

Understanding Restorative Care Part 2: Getting a Resident Started

OVERVIEW:As every resident is different, it is essential to properly assess their needs and determine when and how they should get started on a Restorative Care Program that best fits them. Through several [...]

Released in 2012

Understanding Restorative Care Part 3: Restorative Care Practices

OVERVIEW: As the front-line caregiver, RNA's need to have a great level of understanding of what level of assistance the resident requires, and what they are capable of achieving on their own--and provide [...]

Released in 2012


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