Violence In Healthcare Part 1: Empowering You to Be Prepared

This program focuses on identifying potential sources of violence and conditions that can predisposes to violence to reduce the risk of assault and empower the learner to be prepared.

  • Identify the three primary sources of violence in healthcare List OSHAs three categories of risk for violence in healthcare
  • Describe conditions in the healthcare environment that can be potential reasons for aggressive behavior
  • Identify patient conditions that may predispose to violence
  • To educate all staff on how to recognize the risk factors for violence and how to avoid a confrontation using OSHA and NIOSH recommendations
This program includes workbooks that can be ordered separately.
Price: $295.00 USD

Product ID: MED808
Media: DVD
Year: 2013
Duration: 17:27 minutes
Language: English
Tags: Violence in Healthcare
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