X-Plain Interactive Patient Education Programs provide users with the most relevant and updated content in the field.  

X-Plain provides instant access to over 800 high quality, patient education programs. Since 1995, many leading healthcare institutions have relied on the X-Plain to ensure patients use, complete, and understand the patient information and instructions they are given. 

Leading healthcare organizations have also used our interactive multimedia software to verify through interactive questions that patients understand the information and to document patient education. Most hospitals are currently using  X-Plain as their content choice for patient education and here are a few reasons why:
  • Has the most up to date relevant content relating to almost every therapeutic area
  • Simplifies information based on theories of learning and behaviour modification
  • Uses graphics, animations and audio to engage the patient; and
  • Asks questions and gives feedback to verify understanding.  
What X-Plain can do for your organization and your patients...
  • Provide Web-based, intuitive print-on-demand application
  • Provide access to thousands of patient education handouts
  • Highly illustrated, plain language patient education
By choosing X-Plain your patients will have access to:
X-Plain helps healthcare organizations with Compliance and Adherence in the following ways:
  • Ensure that their patients use, complete, and understand the health information they receive
  • Verify through interactive questions that that patients understand the information
  • maximize the chance of patients acting based on the presented health information in order to make informed health decisions, learn self-care skills and change behaviour toward healthier living habits.

X-Plain is also available in DVD format, which for some organizations is the more convenient and affordable option.  Please see our Patient Education Programs for more information!   Free previews are also available on the website!

Contact HEAT Inc., for information on how X-Plain will work for your healthcare organization and your patients.   

We envision consumers playing an active role in their healthcare, and healthcare providers relying on evidence-based educational materials to inform their patients, verify comprehension and evaluate outcomes.

Our mission is to empower patients and healthcare providers through evidence-based patient education software that is engaging, effective and ready to integrate with evolving clinical systems.

November 29, 2011